Dual Immersion

Adele Harrison Middle School offers three distinct programs to students each delivering the same 6th, 7th and 8th grade curriculum in a different format: Dual Immersion, Multiage and Core.

Each program offers students the benefit of a smaller personalized learning environment within the larger school where students enjoy continuity of teachers and peers during their three years at Adele. As a result, students, families and teachers are connected and able to develop a positive and supportive community.

Dual Immersion is a non-traditional educational experience wherein language is acquired through content instruction and is not taught as a separate subject area. Dual immersion is a proven educational model for teaching a second language that integrates native English speaking students with native Spanish speaking students.

At Adele, the goals of our Dual Immersion program are to continue the development of students' bilingualism, biliteracy, academic achievement, and cross-cultural competencies through mastery of challenging curriculum in both Spanish and English.

Adele's Dual Immersion students are held to the same level of rigor as students in non-Immersion classes. Dual Immersion students take two classes taught entirely in Spanish: Spanish language arts and Spanish social studies. The content, scope, sequence, and standards of Spanish social studies is identical to the English course counterpart. Dual Immersion students also take English language arts taught in English.

Native English speakers must begin the Dual Immersion program in Elementary School to be eligible to participate in Adele's Middle School Immersion Program. Native Spanish speakers who did not attend an Elementary Dual Immersion Program, may begin Dual Immersion in Middle School at Adele, contingent upon tested oral and written language proficiency.

Advanced and AP Spanish courses offered at Sonoma Valley High School are a natural next step for our Middle School Dual Immersion Students. In 2011, Sonoma Valley Unified School District initiated a Seal of Biliteracy award for Sonoma Valley High School Seniors who demonstrate proficiency in English and one other language.

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