Dear Adele Parents,

We hope you are off to a great start of the Spring Break!  Just want to share all the wonderful additions the PTO Parent Network alongside the tireless efforts of our Principal, Ms. Conroy, have accomplished thus far for the
2010-2011 year:

  • The Whole Foods Grant and a delicious healthy salad bar in our School Lunch Menu
  • An enrichment After School Program with Robotic Legos and homework tutoring and other fun learning activities
  • A Greenhouse with an edible garden
  • A culinary class and stove to be installed in conjunction with the outdoor healthy garden and living
  • Assistance for kids that were in need toward their Leadership Conference Trip
  • An annual Jogathon that produced over $5,000 that a portion will go to purchase recreational equipment and tether balls and poles plus basketballs
  • Assistance with the purchase of the student planners
  • Assistance with the payment of the Power School website
  • Assistance for the instructional supplies for the teachers
  • Assistance toward an artistic bench to be constructe be the greenhouse in memory of one of our student's

We are not through with all the vision we had in stored for Adele.  We did this while maintaining a tight control of our operating budget and a very low turn out of Adele Direct donations and only$ 1,400 of e-Scrip monies. 


We now need your help so that next year's 6th Graders and the graduating class can have sufficient monies to begin the New Year. 

We only have 2 more months left to make it to$ 20,000.  We began with about$ 15,000 in the beginning of the year.  We are $12,000 year-to-date. 


Can you please help with a donation before May 1st?  Any amount made payable to Adele Harrison PTO will be greatly appreciated. 


You can write a check and drop it off at the Main Office PTO Mailbox or mail it to the school or even easier, you can use our new PayPal Link that is located on our Adele website under the PTO tab.


A flyer form is attached for your convenience.  Thank you so much for all your time, generosity, and support.

Sincerely yours.

Anna Diaz Berke
On Behalf of AHMS PTO