The Garden Project

The School Garden Project is a district-wide environmental program teaching students the importance of growing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables through hands-on gardening. It is based on specific curriculum that teaches science, nutrition, environmental studies, and math. Adele’s garden curriculum is also paired with history and language arts lessons to connect the environment to the world around us. Adele's Garden Classes are taught during the SAE period providing every student with an opportunity to develop and learn varied skills while working in the garden. Students are engaged, motivated and inspired as they learn by doing inside and outside of the classroom working with both their hands and minds.

Plants and flowers grown in our budding Garden Project are used for the school grounds, for food in the Adele cafeteria, and offered for sale at the Middle School Farmers Market. Students learn sustainable horticulture and are introduced to the basics of agribusiness through this exciting hands-on curriculum.  Finally, as our students continue on to Sonoma Valley High School, they will be afforded the opportunity to join an established agriculture education program, which extensively investigates current environmental topics as they relate to agriculture and agribusiness.

From students who excel in classroom academics, to students who are seeking inspiration, our Garden Project offers essential outdoor time to explore vital environmental issues in a seasonally changing setting.